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Autism Genes Identified Using New Approach

A powerful new machine-learning approach has been developed to analyze the entire human genome. Putting this to use to study autism resulted in the identification of over 2000 new genes that may be linked to autism. These exciting results will inform the studies in our lab by providing new genetic targets that identify the genes [...]


From the Community: High School Students Graduate from Autism Employment Program

Several students from Project SEARCH Collaborates for Autism program at Northwestern University, a transition to employment program for students with autism, have graduated from the program. Our research team had the wonderful opportunity of supervising several of these students, who previously interned in our research lab!

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M&S Launch Autism-Friendly School Range

A retailer store has launched a range of school wear options that take into consideration the sensory needs of children with autism. One of our research projects includes tasks that address sensory sensitivity and tactile perception in families of individuals with autism. If interested in contacting us to learn more, click here:


Autism and Language: Do Children with Autism Really Struggle in Bilingual Environments?

Language use and development is a primary focus of the research in our lab, so we were excited to see new findings from a study examining children with autism who are raised in bilingual environments. This study showed that bilingual children with autism acquire vocabularies that are just as rich as monolingual children with autism. [...]


Photos Capture Challenges for Teens with Autism, Show Animals as Resource

A recent study showed that the use of photos, often of animals, can help teens and young adults with autism to more easily share accounts of their experiences and difficulties transitioning out of school and into the adult world. This exciting research contributes to ongoing efforts in our lab to facilitate the transition into adulthood [...]


The A Word Airing on Sundance TV

New York, NY - NY Daily News OUT - 6/28/16 - Special NYC Screening of SUNDANCETV's Original Series "THE A WORD". -Pictured: Charlie Collier, Peter Bowker, Ilene Lainer, David Remnick and Eli Gottlieb -Photo by: Kristina Bumphrey/StarPix New York Collaborates for Autism has partnered with Sundance TV to promote the television series “The [...]


Psychiatric problems common in siblings of people with autism

A new study investigating mental health outcomes in siblings of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities (e.g., autism) reported increased risk of mental health problems in siblings of individuals with autism. We are currently studying similar questions in ongoing work in the NDL where we are examining whether mood, executive functioning, and parental stress may be related [...]


A Single Species of Gut Bacteria Can Reverse Autism-Related Social Behavior in Mice

A new project in our lab builds on exciting findings from researchers at Baylor College of Medicine, who reported that the absence of one specific species of gut bacteria causes social deficits in mice reminiscent of symptoms of ASD in humans. Additional research has revealed the reporting of gastrointestinal problems in individuals with ASD.  In [...]


‘It’s Changed His View of Life’: Companies Find Hiring Autistic Employees Has Vast Benefits

Williams, CEO of suit-maker Hart Schaffner Marx, seeks to accommodate the communication and sensory needs of individuals with autism in the workplace setting by implementing repetitive and structured tasks which include visual cues. Additional companies (e.g., Microsoft) are following suit by launching pilot programs to hire individuals with autism. Our research lab collaborates with Project [...]


Researching the “Loss” of an Autism Diagnosis

A recent investigation of individuals with autism who subsequently lost their diagnosis over time found evidence that these individuals were able to make such substantial gains in language and communication because they may have developed alternative pathways to process language in the brain. These exciting findings support the promise of a new project in the [...]