Studying families to reveal the roots of autism and fragile X.

At the Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Lab at Northwestern University, we’re using novel methods to study the genetic and neurocognitive connections to Autism Spectrum Disorder, Fragile X Syndrome, and other related conditions. Funded by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and several private foundations, our research adopts a lifespan and multigenerational family-study approach, which includes individuals affected by autism and fragile X, as well as unaffected family members who might carry genes related to these conditions.

By examining how different complex traits – like language and social development – run in families, we’re learning how these traits are connected to genes associated with autism and fragile X, and also how they interact with environmental influences.

Additionally, our lab works closely with the community to improve the understanding, support, and integration of individuals with autism and fragile X.

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