Learning the science and art of research.

Nancy Dunbar, Research Project Co-Manager

Nancy Dunbar recently completed Northwestern’s School of Professional Studies’ pre-medicine post-baccalaureate certificate program.

Currently, Nancy plays a central role working with families in lab studies. She is also deeply involved in data coding and analysis, as well as helping with training and supervising the lab’s undergraduate research assistants. Prior to joining the NDL, she was a research assistant at the Johns Hopkins Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit in Baltimore, MD.

Nancy’s career goal is to go to medical school and become a physician specializing in pediatrics. She earned her B.A. in Psychology at Northwestern, where she worked as a student in the NDL, and served as the captain of the Northwestern Varsity Lacrosse Team.

Anne Taylor, Senior Project Coordinator

Anne Taylor is a research project coordinator who has worked with Dr. Losh and collaborator Dr. Martin for over a decade, and has played a key role in developing new research directions in the lab. She works remotely for the NDL from Chapel Hill, NC.

Anne has more than a decade of experience working on nationally funded research projects that examine various aspects of language and cognitive development in individuals with autism. Currently, Anne: coordinates personnel and budget activities; leads grant submissions, progress reports, and other project product; manages data administration, coding, and processing; and supervises and mentors research assistants, students, and volunteers.

Anne especially enjoys helping graduate students navigate the grant proposal process, so that they can become successful independent researchers.

Anne earned her B.A. in Psychology at the University of North Carolina.

Gabby Dillman, Research Project Coordinator

Gabrielle Dillman is an Applied Behavioral Analysis [ABA] student working toward her Master’s degree.

Gabby has been working with children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities for years; with a brother who was diagnosed with autism as a child, she has an extremely personal connection to her work. Currently, Gabby works closely with participating families, codes and works through different data, and plans and recruits for lab-related events. Prior to joining NDL, she was a research assistant in two labs at the University of Iowa.

Gabby is excited to be moving toward an eventual career as an ABA therapist, working with children at all ages and stages who are affected by developmental differences.

Gabby earned her B.A. in Psychology with minors in Human Relations and Child Development at the University of Iowa.