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Dr. Molly Losh Featured in “Autism Articulated”

Dr. Molly Losh, Principal Investigator of the Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Lab and Jo Ann G. and Peter F. Dolle Chair in Learning Disabilities at Northwestern University, was featured in “Autism Articulated”, in which she discusses how she became interested in autism research, provides advice to students interested in this area of study, and explicates underestimated areas [...]

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Fragile X Awareness Walk

This past month, our research team at the Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Laboratory, participated in the "Let Em' Know 5k Walk" at Northwestern University, which raises awareness and advocacy for Fragile X!

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Autism and Language: Do Children with Autism Really Struggle in Bilingual Environments?

Language use and development is a primary focus of the research in our lab, so we were excited to see new findings from a study examining children with autism who are raised in bilingual environments. This study showed that bilingual children with autism acquire vocabularies that are just as rich as monolingual children with autism. [...]


Photos Capture Challenges for Teens with Autism, Show Animals as Resource

A recent study showed that the use of photos, often of animals, can help teens and young adults with autism to more easily share accounts of their experiences and difficulties transitioning out of school and into the adult world. This exciting research contributes to ongoing efforts in our lab to facilitate the transition into adulthood [...]


NDL Newsletter 2016

Click here to view summaries of our recent findings, notice of new studies, and ways to get involved!

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The A Word Airing on Sundance TV

New York, NY - NY Daily News OUT - 6/28/16 - Special NYC Screening of SUNDANCETV's Original Series "THE A WORD". -Pictured: Charlie Collier, Peter Bowker, Ilene Lainer, David Remnick and Eli Gottlieb -Photo by: Kristina Bumphrey/StarPix New York Collaborates for Autism has partnered with Sundance TV to promote the television series “The [...]


July was Fragile X Awareness Month!

In the last year our lab has teamed with the Heartland Fragile X Alliance to fundraise and help spread awareness of fragile X related conditions by participating in the National Fragile X Foundation’s Let 'em know 5k run/walk event. We are also excited to celebrate Awareness Month by attending the 15th International Fragile X Conference this July, in San Antonio. [...]

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Psychiatric problems common in siblings of people with autism

A new study investigating mental health outcomes in siblings of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities (e.g., autism) reported increased risk of mental health problems in siblings of individuals with autism. We are currently studying similar questions in ongoing work in the NDL where we are examining whether mood, executive functioning, and parental stress may be related [...]


A Single Species of Gut Bacteria Can Reverse Autism-Related Social Behavior in Mice

A new project in our lab builds on exciting findings from researchers at Baylor College of Medicine, who reported that the absence of one specific species of gut bacteria causes social deficits in mice reminiscent of symptoms of ASD in humans. Additional research has revealed the reporting of gastrointestinal problems in individuals with ASD.  In [...]


NDL collaborating to help high school students with disabilities obtain jobs: New team of Interns graduate from Project SEARCH Collaborates for Autism

Our lab helped to launch the Project SEARCH initiative at Northwestern, and we have been thrilled to have an intern in our lab each year since its inception. Project SEARCH is a now-global network of programs aimed at training young adults with autism to secure employment and excel in the workforce. Its outcomes fill an ever-growing need as [...]

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