Counting on Iowans to help.

The Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Laboratory at Northwestern University is currently recruiting
individuals with autism or fragile X syndrome and their parents, grandparents, and siblings – as well as individuals without autism and their families – to participate in an important family study.

This Iowa Family Autism Study is designed to:

  1. Find patterns of language use and social skills among people with autism/fragile X and their
    family members; and
  2. Use innovative technology and genetic analyses to explore developmental patterns among family members.

We’re especially interested in families who grew up in Iowa, because we have an established relationship with the University of Iowa where we can access [with permission] family members’ standardized test scores.

We use the standardized test scores to relate the current performance of children with autism with their family members’ childhood skills. We’ve seen general trends of distinctively imbalanced patterns of development in language versus math/sciences.

Even though our lab is based in Evanston, IL, we regularly travel to Iowa to work with families. We can do your part of the study wherever you’re comfortable – our lab, your home, or a neutral public place like a school. We’ll schedule your participation at convenient times for you and your family. And all participants are compensated for their time, as well as for travel and parking.

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