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Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month! […]

DevSci and Dr. Rashmita Mistry

Many of the NDL graduate students are members of The Institute for Innovations in Developmental Sciences (DevSci) at Northwestern University, a collaborative, cross-campus research and training initiative focused on research in the developmental sciences. Last week, our students had the opportunity to learn about Dr. Rashmita Mistry's work by attending a focused reading group in [...]

Thank you!

Members of the NDL team had a wonderful time this past weekend working with a whopping four generations of one family! Thank you to all of the amazing families who participate in our research.

Happy Halloween from the NDL!

The NDL team had a great time working on new research grants while in costume!

Dr. Losh at Autism Speaks Town Hall

On Saturday, October 28, Dr. Losh was a panelist at the “Autism Research Series: Discovery to Solutions” Town Hall, sponsored by Autism Speaks at Rush University in Chicago, where she highlighted the importance of studying phenotypes in autism. […]

NDL in local Iowa newspaper

The NDL was recently featured in an issue of The Carlisle Citizen, the official weekly newspaper of Carlisle, Iowa. […]

Dr. Losh at “Autism Research Series: Discovery to Solutions”

Dr. Losh will be leading a panel at the upcoming event “Autism Research Series: Discovery to Solutions,” sponsored by Autism Speaks, on October 28. […]

Dr. Losh at “The Latest Trends in Fragile X Research”

  Dr. Losh was one of the keynote speakers at “The Latest Trends in Fragile X Research” conference, sponsored by the Fragile X Association of Southern California, on October 1st. […]

NDL among Northwestern research groups rethinking genetics

Environmental factors are now recognized to play a strong role in development, and pose risk factors even in strongly genetic conditions like autism. The NDL is one of the many labs at Northwestern that are considering the complex relationships between genes and environment. […]

New Publication from the NDL in Special Issue of AJIDD

A new study from the NDL was recently published in a special issue of the American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AJIDD) focused on Down syndrome. In the study, we examined the rate of pragmatic language development in children with Down syndrome. Our findings highlight specific types of pragmatic language violations that have implications [...]