HIMEJI JAPAN-APRIL 2: A Japanese child writes art as massage for light it up blue campaign for world Autism Awareness Day on April 2, 2015 in Himeji, Japan. World Autism Awareness Campaign Day mark on April 2 every year as many cities all over the world participate in this Light It Up Blue Campaign by lighting about 2,000 iconic buildings and landmarks blue, to bring honor all the families that are affected by autism. (Photo by Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images)

Language use and development is a primary focus of the research in our lab, so we were excited to see new findings from a study examining children with autism who are raised in bilingual environments. This study showed that bilingual children with autism acquire vocabularies that are just as rich as monolingual children with autism. Bilingualism is associated with many cognitive advantages so these exciting findings support the benefits of raising children in language-rich environments.