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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Through Play, Children with Autism Can Hone Thinking Skills

Cognitive abilities, language skills and executive functioning can influence the development of play skills in individuals with autism. Our research seeks to investigate these aforementioned domains (e.g., language use) in families of children with both autism and fragile X.


Questions for Elizabeth Berry-Kravis: Dodging Mouse Traps

View our colleague and collaborator, Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, professor of child neurology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago discussing the challenges of assessing cognitive problems in fragile X mice. We collaborate with Dr. Berry-Kravis on studies to develop more sensitive and appropriate assessemnts of cognition that can be used outcome measures in treatment studies, and [...]


Autism Can Be an Asset in the Workplace, Employers and Works Find

Employment opportunities and social services available to individuals with autism spectrum disorder: our research lab partners with Have Dreams, Project SEARCH Collaborates for Autism, an internship program for individuals with ASD in their final year in high school. The program is designed to assist in obtaining competitive employment in the workplace.


NDL team presents findings at the annual International Meeting for Autism Research

Our team recently presented exciting new findings at the International Meeting for Autism Research in Baltimore, Maryland. Presentations focused on results related to visual processing patterns linked with particular cognitive styles, characterizing genetically meaningful language profiles in autism, and understanding the implications of gastrointestinal disturbances for the clinical profile and underlying genetic causes of autism.

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