Research in the Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Laboratory investigates the language and related abilities that define autism, fragile X, and related neurodevelopmental disabilities, and the neuropsychological, genetic, and environmental features that may be associated with the behavioral and cognitive profiles of these different groups.

Specific study goals include:

  • To understand the different developmental strengths and weaknesses in language and related abilities in autism and fragile X syndrome.
  • To define subtle language and neuropsychological profiles that may relate to the genes involved in autism and fragile X syndrome among unaffected relatives.
  • To document the interactions between genes and environment in neurodevelopmental disabilities.

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We hope to see you at the International Fragile X Conference in San Antonio this July!

Our group is thrilled to be traveling to San Antonio to present findings on language development, psychological health, and perceptual processing in individuals with FXS and women who carry the FMR1 Premutation. We will also be working directly with families interested in participating in our work.
- please contact us to learn more!